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45W APPLE MB003LL/A Charger + Power Cord, Replacement AC Adapter MB003LL/A for APPLE

Sales! Discount APPLE MB003LL/A Charger : [Power: 45W], [Input: AC 100V-240V], [Output: DC 14.5V 3.1A], [Connector Size: Magsafe Pin]

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All of our Compatible apple mb003ll/a chargers

Replacement 45 APPLE MB003LL/A Charger
  • 45W Compatible APPLE MB003LL/A AC Power Adapter
  • Power: 45W
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 200g
  • Input Volt: AC 100V-240V
  • Output Volt: DC 14.5V 3.1A
  • Connector Size: Magsafe Pinmm
  • Products Status: Brand New, In Stock, Wholesale Available
Replacement 45 APPLE MB003LL/A Charger

Compatible Products Part No. List:

MB003LL/A, MB543LL/A, MB940LL/A, MC233LL/A, MC234LL/A , MC506X/A, ...

Fits Product Models List:

MC504LL/A (October, 2010), MC506ZP/A, MC506CH/A, MC965CH/A, MC505CH/A, A1369, MC965LL/A mc965ll a(July, 2011) (Latest Model), MCP69ZP/A, MC504CH/A, MC504ZP/A, MC503ZP/A, MB003ZP/A, ... etc.
Notice: This is not the list of all the compatible batteries of APPLE MB003LL/A Charger, and you can find more APPLE notebook chargers here.

Product Description

      apple mb003ll/a AC Adapter User Guide

    • Before your pay the order,please check the adapter code corresponding to the apple mb003ll/a ac power adapter is suitable for you MacBook/iBook/PowerBook. Specially check the size of the apple mb003ll/a charger Connector Size if it can fit your MacBook/iBook/PowerBook.
    • All of our power adapter apple mb003ll/a are with power crod. We provide power crod of US/EU/AU/UK.Generally we will ship you the crod to fit the using in your delivery address. If you have some special require, please leave a message for us.

      All of the power adapters with SAME CONNECTOR and SAME OUTPUT VOLT as your original charger can compatible with your MacBook, and the OUTPUT CURRENT based on the load of your MacBook/iBook/PowerBook. So a large power power adapter is more stable but it always heavier, and don't choose a replacement adapter with a power lower than the original, because it maybe can't offer enough power for your MacBook/iBook/PowerBook charging and running at the same time.
    • SIZE OF CONNECTOR: The connector of replacement APPLE MB003LL/A charger should be same as your original one. If you don't know the model of your MacBook/iBook/PowerBook, please check the part number such as A1XXX whic is marked on the bottom of your notebook. And please check the purchasing time of MacBook if it is before June of 2012, as if you bought your brand new macbook after 2012, you need to choose a charger with Magsafe 2(Latest Magsafe Pin 2012).
    • Magsafe Pin of APPLE MB003LL/A AC Adapter
    • OUTPUT VOLT: The OUTPUT VOLT marked on the APPLE MB003LL/A ac adapter should be same as your original adapter
    • how to choose APPLE MB003LL/A laptop ac adapter
    • OUTPUT CURRENT: The OUTPUT CURRENT marked on the body not means the working current but the highest current which the power adapter can offer. So you can choose a ac adapter with same OUTPUT VOLT, same or higher OUTPUT CURRENT as original one. Higher OUTPUT CURRENT, higher Power, of course, its weight will be heavier
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